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Blackberry and Lemon Detox


#RheumForChange is an Arthritis Warrior Movement to help build lives with less pain 

,,When it comes to arthritis there is so much we can do ourselves to ease the symptoms naturally. Nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress management and infrared sauna therapy are some of the tools I use with great effect. I wish for you to also  learn more about these tools to help ease your arthritis symptoms!"

Frederikke Marie, Arthritis Warrior Coach


When life gives you lemons 

Make Lemon Water!
Lemon Water is amazing at hydrating the body. A well hydrated body is a body with less pain and stiffness.
Also Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is a great nutrient for boosting the immune system and for helping build collagen for better joint health.

Eat a rainbow

Eating a rainbow of fresh vegetables and fruits will contribute to hydration and provide nutrients to help build healthy joints.

Go Green

Green Vegetables and leafy greens contain the compound chlorophyll, which has been shown to lower inflammation.
Also Vitamin C is an inflammation fighter along with many other nutrients found in leafy greens and vegetables.
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