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Arthritis Warrior Wellness Coach

Hi, welcome to Arthritis Warrior.

Let med introduce myself: 

I was born in 1979 and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2004.
Besides being an arthritis warrior for 20 years, I am also a certified nutrition consultant, fitness trainer, massage therapist and soon also stress management coach. I have worked with clients with a lot of different health concerns, but my speciality and passion is with arthritic conditions and weight management. 

During  the past months I have been writing on my first E-book  Arthritis Warrior`. With this E-book it is my wish to empower my fellow arthritis warriors to have a life with less pain, better mobility, more energy and improved quality of life. The E-book is for pre-order on Amazon Kindle now and will be out October 1 2024 at the latest. 

In December 2024 I plan to launch the 90 Days Online Arthritis Warrior Program. Stay tuned and read more under The Program´ in the menu.

Positive vibes,

Frederikke Marie

Arthritis Warrior Health & Wellness Coach Frederikke Marie Sonnichsen

Frederikke Marie, Arthritis Warrior:

,,Food has the amazing power to push inflammation and pain in the body or to calm it!

Every bite we eat affects our immune system in either a positive or a negative way!

So when we are told that nutrition dosen´t play a role in managing our arthritis, this is simply not true!"

Healthy Green Smoothies
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